Our Mission

In the early days of radio broadcast, it was possible for many to access the air waves without government (or corporate) control. Today, for the most part, radio stations are monopolized by a few large organizations. Yet, despite the mounting number of regulations and restrictions, a few independent radio broadcasters in the 1990s were able to "take back" the airwaves, catching the attention of governing bodies and demonstrating the need for community radio.

Radio Free Roanoke, (RFR), a nonprofit organization, was formed to encourage and enable educational and creative endeavors benefiting the individual and the whole community. Our commitment is to building a stronger sense of community in the Roanoke Valley through civil discourse, open membership, and volunteer opportunities. As a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the community, RFR does not endorse any particular position or party. We provide a considerate platform of diverse viewpoints in an open space for communicating the needs and desires of the Roanoke Valley.