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Underwriting has many of the advantages over paid advertising. Consider the following:

  • Radio reaches more adult consumers over all other media at 93% weekly reach.
  • Community radio has a more diverse listening audience, so that you can reach more people than with a single format station.
  • Underwriters’ messages are more likely to be heard. While 79% of listeners change the station when a commercial block comes on, listeners are more likely not to be bothered by the messages of underwriters.
  • Underwriters are held in higher regard than advertisers; They are attributed the same values as the station they support, called the “halo” effect.
  • Community radio is more trusted than mainstream media. Lei Guo (2017) reports “community radio continues to be relevant in today’s digital era… [people] consider community radio as the most trustworthy.”
  • Your support is tax deductible!

1. Pew Research Center, 2017; 2. Neilson Reports, 2018; 3 .The Pandora/Added Value Survey, 2012;; 4. NPR’s Underwriting Research Project, 2013

Underwriting identifies but does not promote. Underwriting CAN include:

  • The name of the underwriter
  • The underwriter’s products &/or services
  • The corporate slogan (if not promotional)
  • The location of business
  • The telephone number
  • The web address

Underwriting CANNOT include:

  • Qualitative language (e.g., best or lowest)
  • Price or value information
  • Solicitation of direct consumer response

Please consider underwriting Radio Free Roanoke, WROE-LP 95.7. By funding our operating costs, your underwriting helps support these goals:

  • To provide our audience with high-quality programming that is both entertaining and educational.
  • To give a voice and provide media access to the diverse populace of the Roanoke Valley, especially underserved communities.
  • To support and promote the vibrant local music scene that is in Roanoke.

WROE-LP Underwriting Rates

2 Spots/Day4 Spots/Day

Special Day Mention: Eight 15-second spots for $10

WROE-LP 95.7
P.O. Box 3246
Roanoke, VA 24015

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Project Sponsors

  • Diamond $10,000
  • Platinum $5,000
  • Gold $1,000