Our Mission

WROE-LP 95.7 is Radio Free Roanoke, formed to encourage and enable educational and creative endeavors that benefit the individual and the whole community.

WROE-LP Radio Free Roanoke’s Base Assumptions

1. Radio is a valuable medium that benefits the community.
2. Everyone has a story that deserves to be told and heard.
3. Radio is uniquely equipped to make authentic community connections through a shared experience.
4. Providing accurate information helps our listeners find answers to meaningful questions.
5. Community radio strives to be non-partial and representational.

Our commitment is to building a stronger sense of connectedness in the Roanoke Valley through civil discourse, open membership, and volunteer opportunities.

WROE-LP Radio Free Roanoke’s Core Values:

1. WROE-LP believes in a local focus, with a global view.
2. WROE-LP promotes free and open communication, allowing the expression of views that diverge from the mainstream.
3. WROE-LP hosts a safe platform for self-expression and creativity.
4. WROE-LP fosters an inclusive community and welcomes diversity.
5. WROE-LP commits to transparency and uncompromising integrity in its operations.

As a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the community, WROE-LP does not endorse any particular position or party. We provide a considerate and safe platform to communicate the needs and desires of the Roanoke Valley.

WROE-LP Radio Free Roanoke’s goals:

1. To provide our audience with high quality programming that is both educational and entertaining.
2. To give a voice and provide media access to the diverse populace of the Roanoke Valley, especially underserved communities.
3. To promote the vibrant local music scene.